Requisitioned Sites – Unconfirmed

The sites listed below have been identified as possible dispersal sites but this has not yet been confirmed. Can you help with this? Do you know anyone who worked there? Please contact us if you have any information.

Hendy’s Garage – additional land.

Outdoor construction near the garage on the edge of Houndwell Park? Vincents Walk, Southampton. SO14 1JY

Saxone Shoe Shop.

Requisitioned? Subcontractor? Source? There were two in Southampton: High Street and Above Bar. Southampton.

16 Wilton Road.

Two sheds. Gave access to stores for the Sunlight Laundry which is located directly behind this property? Private residence: 16, Wilton Rd, Southampton. SO15 5LB

16 Wilton Road, Southampton. Images of Ordnance Survey map 1946 and Kelly’s Directory

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