Our Aims..

Commemoration: Preservation: Education:

  • To research and collect memories from the Spitfire Makers and their descendants of Spitfire manufacture and associated WW2 stories, especially those at risk of being lost to future generations; to engage a range of organisations and individuals in obtaining and contributing to that research.
  • To raise public awareness of the roles played by both women and men, civilian and military, in supplying the Spitfire parts and planes during WW2, in Southampton, other parts of the UK and other parts of the world.
  • To commemorate sites of Spitfire production and the people who became Spitfire Makers in Southampton, Hampshire and other locations by producing memorial plaques and / or education boards to inform the public about these sites.
  • To enhance the heritage education experience of the public by producing a variety of education materials.
  • To share the Spitfire Makers generation World War 2 stories in different ways to reach wider and harder to reach audiences, e.g. via websites, social media, talks, exhibitions, education boards, schools, care homes.
  • To preserve the WW2 Spitfire Makers heritage for future generations by raising awareness of the locations of the dispersed facilities that produced Spitfires from 1936 onwards.
  • To preserve the heritage of the Spitfire Makers stories for public interest by archiving and depositing researched information and artefacts with public and charitable archives.
  • To share stories of the Spitfire Makers with different audiences by organising public meetings, exhibitions, celebrations and events in Southampton, Hampshire and other locations, to recognise and honour the role played by the “so many” who worked to supply “The Few” with the iconic Spitfire.
  • To advance education for the public benefit by the sharing of research about Spitfire Makers with audiences of different age groups in and around Southampton, other parts of the UK and via the www.
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