The Commemorative Plaques Project

Two of the aims of The Spitfire Makers Charitable Trust are:

  • To commemorate sites of Spitfire production and the people who became Spitfire Makers in Southampton, Hampshire and other locations by producing memorial plaques and/or education boards to inform the public about these sites.
  • To preserve the WW2 Spitfire Makers heritage for future generations by raising awareness of the locations of the dispersed facilities that produced Spitfires from 1936 onwards.

Click here to see the full list of our aims.

In order to fulfill these aims we have worked hard on identifying the locations of all Supermarine facilities.  We are now in a position to go ahead with the design, manufacture and erection of cast aluminium plaques at the sites we have identified.

Some of the plaques have already received funding from public donations, individual or group pledges.  We are asking all who contribute to allow any surplus funds to be reallocated to the next plaque in the list, thus ensuring that no funds go unused.

Starting with a pilot project of locations in Shirley, here are the sites that we are currently working on. Click here to view the sites that we would like to consider next.

Shirley Rechabite (now Parish) Hall.

Click here for map.

The hall in St. James Road, Shirley was requisitioned by Auto Metalcraft. Jettison fuel tanks and air filters made under contract with Auto Metalcraft. Canteen to rear. Shirley Parish Hall next door to 142 St. James Road, Southampton, SO15 5QF.

The plaque was unveiled on 6th March 2022 by Don Smith who, as a 14 year old apprentice, worked on preparing the hall for its new role in Spitfire production. Don was assisted by Val Stoten whose father, Frederick Stillwell was the production foreman.

Click here for video

Generously sponsored by the Shirley Local History Group and The Friends of St James’ Park.

Thanks to Leander Architectural and Shirley Men’s Sheds

View the history of the original site here

Hollybrook Stores

Click here for map.

7(?) empty wooden huts. Finished parts stores. Demolished and new units built 1980’s(?). Units 1-5 Hollybrook Road, Southampton, SO16 6RB.

Generously sponsored by Alderman Linda Norris

More details coming soon…..!

View the history of the original site here

Seward’s Garage

Click here for map

Car sales, Toolmakers, fuselage components, fuselage erection, and instgallations. Bottom floor used by Follands from possibly 1946 into the 1950’s. Kelly’s 1961: 230 Winchester Road, Folland Aircraft; 234 Seward, Roland F, motor engineer & sales 72431, 4 lines. 1961, 230/232 Southern Gas Board. Site now occupied by Shell Garage and The Range, 230-234, Winchester Road, Southampton, SO16 6TL

Generously sponsored by Bob Petch.

More details coming soon….!

View the history of the original site here

The Sunlight Laundry and Dyeworks.

Click here for map.

Details, Fitting shop and sub-assemblies. (Allom Lighting was at 231-33, Winchester Road in 1964, 235-37 was Winchester Rd Service Station; 239, Hants & Dorset body repair depot.) M&S Foodhall, Unit 2/Pets at Home, Unit 3, Shirley Retail Park, Winchester Rd, Southampton. SO16 6TP

Generously sponsored by……

More details coming soon…..!

View the history of the original site here

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