Spitfire Makers Pennants

Pennant Images by Alan Matlock – The Spitfire Makers Charitable Trust. Original images courtesy of various owners.

Click on the links below for more information on the “Spitfire Makers” and Dispersal Sites……

Our plans for 2020 had to be revised when the pandemic took hold. Public events for the VE Day celebrations were among the first to be postponed but did lead to us making the first of the Spitfire Makers pennants to go with the red, white and blue bunting on our front garden fences.

We now have two dozen or more of these designs honouring the roles played by individuals and groups. They have been professionally printed for us by Spectrum Signs Ltd, Shirley, Southampton. Their manager, Pete Foley, spotted the pennants on display over the VE Day weekend and contacted us about his Spitfire Maker father-in-law Ronald Jeneway and made his generous offer to get them printed for us.

Image by Alan Matlock

More candidates for pennants are being sent to us all the time so if you know of anyone who was a Spitfire Maker please get in touch.

Click here to view all the pennants or click on the links below for information on the individual “Spitfire Makers” and Dispersal Sites……

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