Subcontractor Sites – L to Z Confirmed

Marwell Hall.

Farmland. (New build by Cunliffe-Owen Aircraft Ltd.)  Subcontractor. (Appendix III). Spitfire to Seafire conversions. Airfield with eventually 3 runways, stores and hangars. Farmland, light engineering in ‘Robin’ hangars, caravan storage, Marwell Activities Centre. Land adjacent to Hurst Lane, Owslebury, Winchester. SO21 1EZ

Marwell, – existing Robin hangar on Thompson’s Lane. Image by Alan Matlock

Oddie, Bradbury & Cull.

Aircraft engineers/constructors. Southampton Municipal Air Port, Southampton Road, Eastleigh. Subcontractor. (Appendix III). Mk VII wing tip details. Post-war: Plaza Works, 504, Portswood Road, Southampton. SO17 3SP

Advertisemant c.1940. Image by Alan Matlock

Pirelli General Cable Works.

Subcontractor. (Appendix III). Machined details. Southampton/Eastleigh?

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Priory Garage.

Titchfield. Making parts for Spitfires? 331, Southampton Road, Titchfield, Fareham. PO14 4AY

Recent images of Priory Garage by Alan Matlock.

The Rechabite Hall (now Shirley Parish Hall.)

The (then) Rechabite Hall, St James Rd, Shirley was requisitioned by Auto Metalcraft. Jettison tanks and air filters made under contract with Auto Metalcraft. Canteen to rear. Shirley Parish Hall, next door to 142, St James Rd, Southampton. SO15 5QF

Image courtesy of The Spitfire Makers Charitable Trust

A Spitfire Makers Memorial Plaque has been placed at this site. Click here for details

Photo by Spitfire Makers Charitable Trust

An illustration of Shirley Parish Hall by Alan Matlock – 6th March 2022

Rolfe’s Garage, Romsey.

Manufacturer of aluminium caravans. Making parts for Spitfires and gliders. Snows Peugeot Garage, Winchester Hill, Romsey. SO51 7YY

The site of Rolfe’s Garage in Romsey. Image by Alan Matlock

Romsey Precision.

Confirmed subcontractor making bolts. Location in Romsey, Hampshire?

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Southampton Electric Joinery Works.

Subcontractor from early 1939/40. (Appendix III). Supplemented the wood shop at Woolston with trestles, steps, bins etc. ATC Property Maintenance (vacated) 190, Spring Road, Sholing, Southampton. SO19 2QG

Site of Southampton electric Joinery Works, 190 Spring Road, Southampton. Image by Alan Matlock

Southampton Metal & Wood Industries.

High Street, West End, Southampton. Subcontractor. (Appendix III). 30 gallon jettison tank. Later site of Belvidere Block Co. Ltd, Blockrete and Wimpey/Taylor Woodrow Builders. Now residential development, SO30 3NE

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Southern Engineering.

Engineers, 2 & 4, William Street, Northam. Subcontractor. (Appendix III). Machined details. Muira Industrial Estate, William Street, Southampton. SO14 5QH

Image from Kelly’s Directory 1946

Sun Engineering.

Mechanical engineers. Subcontractor. (Appendix III). Machined details. Post war – lawn mower repairs and mangle roller specialists. British Fermentation Products Ltd, depot. Now stores for Iceland supermarket. 2, Newman Street, Shirley, Southampton. SO16 4FL

The site of Sun Engineering. Image from Google Street map. October 2016.

Twyford Engineering.

Subcontractors. (Appendix III). Sockets. Twyford Moors Garage, car repairs and sales, demolished 2005? Now private residences, Woodland Drove, Colden Common, Twyford, Winchester. SO21 1RN

Ordnance Survey map 1961 showing site of Twyford Engineering.

Wadham Bros. Ltd.

Morris House Garage. Subcontractor. (Appendix III). Tropical & Mk IX oil tanks & sheet metal details, bomb racks, etc. H.A Fox Jaguar showroom, vacated. Next to the Lidl Supermarket, (corner of Banister Road and the Avenue), Banister Road, Southampton. SO15 2XD

Image owner unknown.

Weir Precision.

7, South Mill Rd, Southampton. Machine-tool manufacturing. Subcontractor. (Appendix III). Machined details. Post war – Vero Precision Engineering closed 1999. Residential development Avro Close, Southampton. SO15 4AE

Image courtesy of the family of Kenneth Nobes

Wellworthy Ltd.

Lymington and 17, Portswood Road, Southampton. Piston ring manufacturers. Subcontractor/supplier. (NB Wellworthy operated from numerous sites. The one in Portwood Road, Southampton, may not have been directly involved.)

Current view of 17 Portswood Road and entry in Kelly’s Directory 1940-41. Images by Alan Matlock.

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