BBC World Service Interviews – Spitfire: The People’s Plane

Immediately after the launch the BBC got in touch and, along with contributions from Solent Sky museum and Dave Key of The Supermariners we helped them make several episodes of the radio documentary, “Spitfire, The People’s Plane”. You can still listen to it on BBC Sounds.

Tuppence Middleton, series presenter and star of War And Peace, Downton Abbey and The Current War, says: “It is a privilege to be able to honour and celebrate these heroes and to learn more about the extraordinary national effort behind this moment in our history. Now more than ever it feels apt to shine a light on the passion and dedication it takes to come together as a community.”

Steve Titherington, Senior Commissioning Editor, BBC World Service English says: “This is the extraordinary story of how before a plane could save a country, the people first had to come together to build it. The tale of how a community comes together in a shared endeavour to win a battle and save countless lives is a theme that resonates as powerfully today as it did 80 years ago. Across ten episodes we celebrate the heroism of ordinary men and women who put their communities on the frontline of war.”

(Not sure if you’ve heard that the producer of the programmes, Alasdair Cross, has been in touch several times and also with Dave Key to check various details as he is writing a book due out in May, that will tell the story in printed form. (He’s perhaps beaten me and Dave to it!)

For more information on Alan’s talks please click the link below:

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