August 2021

Alan Matlock – Posted on Facebook 18th August 2021


A 1970s photo showing the Flight Shed before the M27 cut if off from the end of the runway at Southampton/Eastleigh Airport.

For more info on the building and those who worked there go to:…/the-flight-shed/

Please share and do sign the petition. Go to: and search for…Save the original Spitfire Flight Shed from demolition.


Alan Matlock – Posted on Facebook 18th August 2021

If “THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT SPITFIRE-RELATED BUILDING IN EXISTENCE” was under threat of demolition, what would you do?

You can start by reading about what’s being proposed for the original Spitfire Flight Shed and signing this petition posted by Spitfire Makers on – click the link to take you there and search for:

Save the original Spitfire Flight Shed from demolition.

A letter to the local Southampton newspaper would be a good follow up: Editor, Katie Clark,

And then you could share this post as widely as possible.


Thank you.

Article in the Southern Daily Echo – 19th August 2021

Fears that Southampton’s Spitfire factory could be demolished | Daily Echo

BBC News article – 19th August 2021

Southern Daily Echo article – 20th August 2021

Alan Matlock – Posted on Facebook – 25th August 2021

Save the Spitfire Flight Shed Petition Update.

An amazing response has taken the total of signatures to over 4050 and it keeps moving up.

In the past couple of days I and another member of the Spitfire Makers project team have spoken to two former Supermarine employees who actually worked in the Flight Shed. It’s not just a unique building, it’s living history too!

A letter written to key members of Southampton City Council is now listed at the top of the planning application documents on the SCC website:…/appli…(Look for: 23 Aug 2021 Representation-Objection OBJAM)

If anyone would like to do the same that would be great. The Senior Planning Officer is Andrew Gregory:

In the meantime, please keep sharing the link to the petition. Thanks.

There are few confirmed images of the Flight Shed interior but one that has been shared elsewhere on Facebook is added here.

Apparently, the workers hats and coats would be put on the rail when they clocked on and the foreman would only lower it down again when the shift had been completed. No chance to nip off early!

Alan Matlock posted on Facebook – 28th August 2021

The “Save the Spitfire Flight Shed Petition” has taken off! – Now let’s keep it airborne!

With over 5,000 already signed maybe we too have “slipped the surly bonds of Earth / And danced the skies on laughter-silvered wings”!

We have signed for all who designed, built, tested, delivered, flew and maintained the Spitfire.

We’ve signed for all who worked in all the factories making the raw materials; for those who worked in the secret workshops: – garages, bus depots, a laundry, a strawberry basket factory, a silk stocking mill and a roller skating rink – making parts from bolts to starter buttons, from washers to wings.

And we have signed to save this unique building: for its amazing past, for its uncertain present and for future generations to know the universal heritage it represents.

Looking at it now, (a glimpse as you turn off at Junction 5 on the M27 or from behind the security fence of the site it occupies) it still raises the hairs on the back of your neck to think of what sights it and the men and women who worked there once saw.

And the final irony? The planning application is proposing to paint the replacement warehouses in a lovely shade of… Merlin Grey!

Your signatures will be heard and could just make the difference when decisions are made.

At least every third person who has signed has shared the petition – via email, social media etc. Please keep this up and spread the link far and wide.

Tally ho!(Photos from Google Maps March 2021 (M27 and Cemetery Road) and Spitfire Makers August 2021)

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