March 2022

Posted on Facebook by Alan Matlock – 6th March 2022

The First “Spitfire Makers Charitable Trust” Plaque was unveiled today at the Shirley Parish Hall, in St. James Road, Shirley, Southampton. It was originally known as the Shirley Rechabite Hall.

In WWII, the Hall was requisitioned by Auto Metalcraft, an engineering company in Emsworth Road, off Shirley High Street. Jettison fuel tanks and air filters were made under contract with Auto Metalcraft.

The plaque was unveiled by former Auto Metalcraft Apprentice, Don Smith, who is now Honorary President of The Spitfire Makers Charitable Trust and Val Stoten whose father, Frederick Stilwell, was Foreman in charge of the Spitfire parts production in the Hall.

Posted by Sarah Penfold on Facebook – 9th March 2022

The Spitfire Makers Plaque – Shirley Parish Hall

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